Best Practice: 7 Tips To Drive More Traffic To Your YouTube Channel In 2021

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7 Tips To Drive More Traffic To Your YouTube Channel In 2021 | © Photo: freepik

The fact that YouTube is the most popular video search engine has made brands leverage the potential of this medium in their marketing initiatives. In order to be successful, you have to consider different things. Although you can gain valuable insights from analyses, it is advisable not to make all the mistakes yourself first, but to follow best practice. This article will help you do that.

Today, just knowing how to create YouTube videos will not suffice, and you need to walk the extra mile to create quality videos that will drive home the web traffic that you always expected. Here are seven tips that will allow you to create YouTube videos.

1Understand Your Audience Expectations

Spend time on YouTube looking up your competitors and other content creators. Evaluate their content and read the comments on their posts. Such proactive measures will give you a picture of what the audience expects from you.

If you have already uploaded videos on YouTube, you can have a look at the YouTube Analytics tools. The tool will give you detailed insights into post engagement, viewer demographic, location, and other relevant details.

Alternatively, you can ask your viewers to comment on your videos wherein they tell you about the type of content that they expect from you.  Asking such direct questions in your video will help you ensure that the content that you deliver is in alignment with what is expected of you.

2Customize Your Thumbnails

The thumbnails are a powerful tool for grabbing the attention of your target group, and you should put in ample effort to make them look attractive. Direct your efforts in creating a thumbnail that is relevant to the video content and does justice to the video representation. Under no situation should you consider using an image that is shaky or unclear for the thumbnail.

Have clear fonts and use contrasting colors to ensure that the thumbnail is readable. When you create multiple videos, make sure that you maintain consistency in the font and style of the thumbnails.  Such an act will help your viewers establish brand familiarity and lay the foundations of a loyal relationship with you.

3Live Stream Your Videos

YouTube was the first platform to introduce the concept of live videos. Since these videos are available only for a short time, viewers make an extra effort to watch them. If you can post high-quality live videos on your YouTube channel, you can expect it to give you very high views.

4Optimize Your Video

YouTube is the most popular video search engine, and videos from this platform make up 70% of the top 100 Google search results. Moreover, the algorithm of Google is such that web pages with video rank higher than those without it. Even within the YouTube platform, more than 500 hours’ worth of videos are uploaded every day, and you need to optimize the video to make it visible.

  • Title & Description:

    Spend time looking up keywords that are relevant to your video content. Incorporate such keywords in your video title and description. Keep your video title short and the usage of keywords as natural as possible.

  • Mention Keywords in Content:

    An efficient way of increasing the digital visibility of your video production is to speak aloud the keywords. Ideally, once you have the keywords ready, try to use the words in your video.

  • Engagement:

    Encourage your viewers to engage with your video by liking and commenting on them. The more engagement a video has, the higher are the odds of it showing up in the feeds of people. Try to incentivize sharing of your YouTube videos to see the best engagement.

  • Categorize Your Videos:

    YouTube has a feature wherein you can categorize your video. Leverage this to optimize your video such that it is displayed only to those people who are keen to see similar content.

  • Add Tags to Videos:

    By adding tags to videos, you give content to the video. That way, there is an improvement in the reachability of the videos. Spend time researching the tags that you will add to your video. Random addition of tags will cause your video content to be misread in the diverse world of YouTube, and that will make you lose out on viewers.

5Cross Promote Your Content in YouTube

When you create engaging online videos, you will be devoting a lot of efforts to it. To get the best ROI, cross promote your content. For example, you can mention the link to a relevant video in the call-to-action of some other video. Alternatively, you can post links to other relevant videos in the description section of your current video.

Cross Promote Your Content in YouTube | © Photo: freepik

If you are new to video marketing, you can consider looking up YouTube influencers from your industry. Identify ones whose values are in alignment with that of your brand. Reach out to such influencers with proposals for video collaborations.

The advantage of such video collaborations is the fact that influencers will cross promote the content that you create with them. Such an act will give you access to millions of followers of the influencer and increase the visibility of your YouTube channel.

6Embed Your YouTube Videos

While YouTube is a powerful medium, the fact is you can squeeze the most of your YouTube videos by embedding them in other relevant places. It is an established fact that the on-site bounce rate of video content is much lesser than that of any other forms of content.

Thus, if you are keen on increasing your conversion rate and having potential customers spend more time on a landing page, you can consider embedding a YouTube video.

Also, you can consider embedding your video in your email marketing initiatives. If a major fraction of your target group are Gmail users, they will be able to view the YouTube video from their email inbox itself. Even for non-Gmail users adding a video to the email body increases the chances of the email being read.

7Leverage CTAs to Build Engagement

YouTube was the first platform to encourage the use of CTAs. Underrated that videos create intimacy and strike a personal connection with the audience. However, you cannot expect that everyone who likes your video will be giving you a thumbs up or a comment. As a video creator, CTA is a powerful tool for you to channelize all the love that you are getting from your viewers.

In the CTA, you can tell your viewer what you expect of them. The expectation can range from asking them to visit a page to directing them to make a purchase. Realize that there is no shame in asking for engagement through CTAs and some of the most popular YouTube channels of today are ones that followed this strategy in their up-and-coming days.

By regularly practicing these 7 tips, you will be driving high digital traffic to your YouTube page. As you channelize your efforts and work towards your goal of video marketing, here’s wishing you the best of luck in your journey ahead.

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