Briefing Image Film: The Checklist From the Practice of Professionals

Briefing image film checklist from the practice for professionals
Checklist: The perfect briefing for film and video | © Pixabay

The checklist “Briefing Image Film” is aimed at companies and clients. Because only with a professional video briefing can a video production meet the expectations of the customer.

The “Briefing Image Film” lays the foundation for success. It formulates the task definition, defines deadlines and both content and technical parameters. The following list is intended as a guideline and orientation value from the practice of true professionals. Depending on the type and goal of the image film, adjustments obligatory are necessary.

You have to know that

  • For image films, the correct and comprehensive formulation of the initial situation in the form of a tried and tested checklist is an important basis for the successful cooperation of all parties involved.
  • Only with the right briefing for an image film is the production of a high-impact image video efficiently possible.
  • In the same way, this is the only way to achieve pre-defined communication goals without detours and errors.
  • Clearly formulated expectations, interfaces communicated at the beginning of the project and jointly defined milestones are a guarantee of success in the project business.

Briefing image film: three steps to success

The sample checklist for companies for an image film briefing for the create image film comprises three checklists:

  1. Key data, which are important for a film and the film costs are important
  2. necessary points for the development of a film concept
  3. Criteria for selecting a film production or video production

Depending on the task and the size of the film project, it makes sense to adapt and extend the lists for the briefing of an image film.

A. Checklist for obtaining a film offer

Part A of the film checklist for an image film briefing includes the naming of the most important key data, ensuring communication, mentioning deadlines, contact persons and the technical framework conditions.

No.Key data and points that must be answered in the briefing image filmStatus
1.1Non-disclosure necessary/sensible? (yes/no)
1.2contact person and contact details listed?
1.3Composition of project team customer side mentioned?
1.4Duration of internal decision processes for release processes?
1.5Check whether briefing for the image film has arrived
1.6Is it necessary to provide additional/new information to understand the image film briefing?
2.1By when do I have to submit an offer?
2.2Components of the offer defined (film sketch budget etc.)?
2.3How do I submit an offer? (e-mail upload etc.)
2.4To whom is the offer to be delivered?
2.5Minimum/maximum scope of the offer defined?
2.6reference films (or negative examples) mentioned?
2.7is the distribution channel named?
3.1Quality requirements and desired effect defined in the image film briefing?
3.2Film length(s) mentioned (indicative/preset/open)?
3.3Technical final quality/delivery format listed?
3.4Are the locations, duration and media specified?
3.5Exclusivity for performers (yes/no)?
3.6Mandatory locations? (manufacturing plants or similar)
3.7VIP’s that have to be integrated into processes? (CEO CFO or similar)
3.8Different length versions included in the image film briefing?
3.9Number of language versions?
3.10Existing graphic elements? (logo etc.)
3.11film formats defined?
3.11video formats defined?
4.1Indication of the date of award of the contract?
4.2Production period specified in the briefing image film?
4.3Completion date/first deployment date?
6.1To Do’s defined? (“What is urgently expected”)
6.2Don’ts defined? (“Which must not happen under any circumstances”)

Checklist for companies and organisations: Briefing Image Film

B. Checklist for contents: Creative Briefing Image Film

Part B of the film checklist for the perfect creative briefing for an image film concerns the content. The sample list presented here is based on the assumption that the content has yet to be developed and that film creation is part of the production partner’s task.

No.Answers that must be included in the briefing for a corporate video
1What is the core message of the planned film or video? (main message)
2Which persons must necessarily appear in the film (e.g.: CEO or similar)
3Which film locations have to be integrated into the image film (e.g.: production sites)
4Who is the target audience? (“All” as an answer is forbidden!)
5What must not be the subject of the film under any circumstances?
6In any case, what is the theme of the film?
7Which events are necessarily an issue?
8What further information (Brand Manual, etc.) is available

Checklist for clients: Briefing image film

C. Checklist for the evaluation of a video production

Part C of the film checklist “Briefing Image Film” serves to determine and select the best possible production partner.

No.Test points (keywords for most important topics)
1Evaluation of the list of reference customers? (possibly with Tel-Check)
2How did the production partner solve comparable tasks?
3Proven expertise ensured?
4How much experience is available?
5Talent recognizable? (not only artistic, also for project management)
6How many other customers does the production company have?
7Quality of the showreel?
8How strongly does the production company respond to the wishes of the client?
9Value for money?
10Chemistry and personal contact

Checklist for companies and organisations

Further Information

  • The article How long does a video have to be on the question of video length, which from Filmpulse’ point of view is only a reference value in an image film briefing. further information in detail.
  • The Filmpuls article Checklist for filming contains a further 55 check points for the production of film and video.
  • Further information on the briefing image film and content can be found at Filmpulse in the form of checklists in the following articles 15 points, which every good film concept must contain and Recognize and optimize good storytelling with the CSI checklist the series on CEO videos and the article on the importance of YouTube web video thumbnails for high click rates.
  • Also interesting for companies: Checklist for casting extras and actors for film and television

The checklists listed are an exclusive compilation of documents from the Filmpulse training workshop “The right briefing for an image film – made easy”. The lists do not claim to be generally applicable. Depending on the size, type and complexity of the planned film or video project, individual additions and adjustments are recommended.

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