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Evaluating film production companies is often a challenge for clients. The Filmpuls online test separates the wheat from the chaff. Free of charge, anonymous and efficient.

There is currently a buyer’s market for commissioned films: the demand for moving images is matched by a far greater supply of video productions of all kinds. The customer is spoilt for choice. But how do I choose the right provider for my image film? Here is the answer!

10 questions for the evaluation of offers from film production companies

If more than one statement is correct, please choose the answer that is more relevant to you as a client of a film production company. After clicking on the answer field that applies to you, the next question will appear automatically.

Immediately after answering all the questions about the film production company’s behavior, you will be directed to your individual evaluation.

Please note

By its very nature, this test can be no more than an indicator of the professionalism of film production companies at the commissioning stage.

First, because an online tool can never replace a face-to-face conversation. The “chemistry” has to be right in the film business for a successful collaboration.

Secondly, because as a provider of films and videos, this survey can be used to ostensibly perfect one’s own business conduct as a film producer in the phase of initial contact with a potential client.

Questions that determine the success of a video

With the right questions, you can find out a surprising amount about the professionalism of a film company. That’s why the Filmpuls online assessment of film production companies is based on 10 essential questions. These allow conclusions to be drawn about specialist knowledge and experience.

Production company: How to find a film production company?

How to find a film production company?

That isn’t the only way of doing it. Nevertheless, the way you choose your film production companies is already an indicator of how the later cooperation will turn out. Because, as in any partnership, there are always two parties involved in business: Client and contractor.

Film production companies: How is communication done?

How does the communication take place?

Communication is not everything in a film project. But without communication everything is nothing. Also at film production companies. First, every video is a prototype. Second, every project is a shared journey. How does your film production or video production company communicate with you during the quoting phase?

Production company: What documents do you receive in response to your quote request?

What documents will you receive in response to your cost request?

As a potential customer, you want the most complete information possible when requesting a film quote. Conversely, many film production companies keep the (unpaid) effort up to the placing of the order as low as possible. Thus, this gap has the potential for misunderstanding.

Film production companies: How strategic is film production company thinking?

How strategically does the film production company think?

One solution for everything? As a potential client, do you receive a tailored response from the film production company? Or instead of the best possible solution, the fastest possible solution. Does the solution combine efficiency and guaranteed effectiveness? Is the solution comprehensible for you?

Production company: How strategically does the film production company think?

What rights are transferred to you by the film production company?

Ordering a video does not automatically give you, the client, the right to do whatever you want with the video you paid for. How do film production companies behave in this situation?

Film Production Companies: What are the payment terms?

What are the payment terms?

One day, money will flow. In a film production company, the flow of money always reflects the risk of the parties involved. There are different ways of dealing with this. What does your production partner do?

Production company: How is the quality of the video defined?

How is the quality of the video defined?

A good video? What do you mean by this? Or does that define the film production company? There are ways to keep misunderstandings with film production companies small. Does your production partner know them?

Film production companies: What happens in case of change requests ?

What happens in case of change requests?

Heard tunes are sweet. Unheard are sweeter. At some point the moment of truth and the film concept becomes a film. But what if the video doesn’t meet your expectations? (on the problem of effect equivalence, see here). How do film production companies react?

Production company: How is the cooperation regulated?How is the cooperation regulated?

One man, one word? Or you understand each other even without words? After all, every video has an artistic component and all it takes is a look or a handshake. Because you can’t do it without trust? How does the film production company see it?

Film production companies: What happens to the footage after the project is completed?What happens to the footage after the project is finished?

Your video is a success. All acceptances were successful. Your boss is thrilled. So are the viewers. But what if you need to change the material 12 months later (for example, because an employee featured in the video has left your company?). How do film production companies deal with this?

Evaluation of all data on film production companies

In the article “How does a video company respond to a request for a quote?” you will find the editors’ recommendations on the correct answers, along with the compilation of all the answers from this survey.

This article was automatically translated into English using AI. If you would like to help us improve the quality, we would be happy to hear from you.

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