Generation Z Wants to Explore Jobs Digital and in Virtual Reality

Generation Z wants to explore jobs digital and in virtual reality
Generation Z wants to explore jobs digital and in virtual reality

In cooperation with the Kantar Group, the XR WORLD ACADEMY has published a study on the professional orientation of the future. Students, young professionals, career starters, career changers and job seekers between the ages of 16 and 64 were interviewed.

Munich, January 16, 2020

With the study “Career Orientation of the Future”, the trend researchers of the XR WORLD ACADEMY analysed how different generations currently inform themselves about their desired profession and how the future career choice orientation should be designed for different generations.

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Generation Z wants to explore jobs digital and in virtual reality

Study on career orientation of the future – Generation Z wants to explore professions in digital and virtual reality

Within the framework of the study, 48% of the people surveyed between the ages of 25 and 34 stated that they had previously obtained information about their dream job online, for example in social media or by watching YouTube or web videos. In second place, 47.5% of this age group said that they explore occupations through internships in companies.

In Generation Z (16 to 24-year-olds), as many as 55.6 % first research online via social media or YouTube.

The majority of respondents across all age groups are specifically interested in information about emerging future careers.

Generation Z wants to explore the dream job in virtual reality

33.1 % of the respondents of Generation Z ( 16 to 24 years) would like to be able to virtually test (360 videos) and experience their dream job in advance. In addition, Generation Z’s desire for more information on the future prospects of occupations and future changes in these occupational profiles is of great importance. 39.7% called for more extensive information on this. 46.3% of this very young generation hope to receive more information on future occupations that are currently being created.

The study in detail

Original of the study in English language. Publication courtesy of XR WORLD ACADEMY and Kantar Media.

Studie „Berufsorientierung der Zukunft“

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