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create instagram videos
How to become an Instagram pro with your videos | © Instagram

This article will explain you 7 strategies in a simple way that will surely lead you to success when creating Instagram videos. With lots of examples, he shows you in a clear way how to make the best video content for Insta on social media. Because simply inspiring your followers – that’s hardly possible today without a moving image strategy and planning. But don’t worry, our attractive clips will inspire and excite you!

More than 800 million current users is an argument to be taken seriously. So is the fact that it is one of the fastest growing social media platforms: Instagram is surfing a wave of success. Not just since Instagram Stories The free online photo and video upload service has been part of Facebook’s empire since 2012. And, like the social mom network, is successfully relying on moving images.

Because more and more brands are relying on video for Instagram, it’s now easier than ever to deduce what rules and content for Instagram video creation will lead to success. And which mistakes are better avoided. We did that work for you. In this article, we’ll show you what you can learn from this for your Insta videos.

Successfully create Instagram videos

The agony of choice is to social video as water is to fish. Whether it’s creating a GIF, cinemagraph or Instagram video: The conception and production of moving images offers almost endless possibilities. Especially because today, more than ever, it is true that what you can imagine can also be visualized digitally.

Despite this, or perhaps because of it, for Instagram video creation, you have to ask yourself more than ever what you want to do with it in the first place!

  • Who should be reached?
  • With what content?
  • What is my key message that I want to convey to my audience?
  • How do I trigger as many interactions as possible with video creation on Instagram?
  • How do I determine if I am succeeding (and how do I learn from failure)?

For all of these important questions, there are now empirical values from which you can benefit when creating videos. Why make all the mistakes yourself when you can learn from the best?

First, and by way of introduction, we’ll look at the key fundamentals of video on Instagram – and then learn what content works successfully on this online service. Finally, we take a brief look at the tools that professionals and agencies use to measure and analyze the success of campaigns.

A The pros’ 7 best strategies for making Instagram videos

Just putting up a video like that is neither a plan nor a recipe for success. If you want to achieve a goal with Instagram, you need the right strategy. Your goals, stated in very basic terms, can be: To transfer information or emotions to other people, or to get people to do something.

This is the first decision you have to make when creating a video:

Conveying a message or a feeling creates attention and serves the image. If you want the recipient of your message to do something in addition, the point is to trigger an action with the video.

Behind every successful strategy, and in the professional realm no agency will create without an Instagram video, is a simple secret! Namely, at the beginning of all considerations are always set the goals. This may sound trite, but:

If you don’t know what you want, you can’t learn from mistakes, improve on them, or be systematic about designing and producing videos for Instagram. And hoping for a fluke, that’s not a recipe for success.

  • Whether your audience should follow a call to action (CTA),
  • Whether you want to increase your own awareness via Instagram or that of a product or brand,
  • Whether, part of a storyline, your Insta-clip should attract your viewers to your website

… you must first know what exactly you want to achieve. Professional marketeers call this: Define KPI. The abbreviation stands for Key Performance Indicators. Or in German: benchmarks with which you can measure the achievement of the goals.

But KPIs are not only important for strategy development and creation. Without goals, you won’t be able to learn later (see section C in this article) what you did right, what works, and what you can improve on.

When you know where you want to go, when you know the technical specifications and have learned what Instagram is best suited for as a social media channel, only then is it time to use your concentrated load of creativity and succeed.

A successful strategy for Instagram video creation means for professionals:

1videos on Instagram: Only take one ball per throw!

Your audience wants to understand what you’re about. If you put too many things together in your video, you’ll overwhelm viewers and achieve the opposite of what you want. Therefore, focus on one statement or one clearly identifiable theme. If you throw five balls at the same time to your opponent, you can be sure that four balls will land on the ground.

That’s why you need to be able to state the mission of your video super crisply in a single sentence. Before that, and without a core set, it’s never worth investing thought or even money into a concept.

The perfect Instagram video

  • Content before form: First, determine what you want to communicate on Instagram.
  • Then you determine the form (the format ) and thus also the visual implementation.
  • Popular and successful formats include: Behind the Scenes, How-To Videos, and Contests.
  • The following have also proven their worth: one statement per post, the inclusion of text and graphic elements, creativity and originality, and endless loops.
  • Insta videos are watched on the smartphone – the classic 16 : 9 is not a suitable image format for this. Square or portrait format works better!
  • To measure the success of your video content on Instagram, there are dedicated software and programs. Many of them for free (links can be found in this post)

2 Use text and graphic elements for Instagram videos!

Instagram is all about scrolling. At the same time, you have to be aware that when creating Instagram videos, your video still plays without sound. It is only from the moment the clip is tapped that the sound level comes into play. Your conception must be geared to this.

Graphic example 1: Attention through graphic element with teaser function (animation runs automatically on Instagram)

To succeed, your film has to develop such a strong pull in the first few seconds and without sound that I don’t scroll on to the next post! Not only, but especially as Instagram Stories. If you add text or attractive graphic elements to your image layer, your chances of a video being clicked on will increase considerably. Here’s how creating video for Instagram pays off. For more on this, check out Web Videos in Social Media.

Graphic example 2: Text element in front of the image with teaser function. Works every time.

3Trap without attracting attention!

Ha! you’ll say. How do you do that?

I’m telling you: you’re not going to get past this balancing act with your clip when creating moving images or an image film.

Because you’re in the world of Instagram with your message. It’s like when you went to school as a teenager – assuming you’re not from a country where school uniforms are compulsory: If you’re dressed completely differently from your classmates, you’re not part of the group. Conversely, you must also not dress 100% like everyone else – otherwise you will disappear as a grey mouse among all the other grey mice.

“The art of standing out without standing out,” as PR expert and former owner of Academy Award-winning Condor Films, Kristian Widmer, once put it in a video interview, is all the more important the more promotional your video is. If you engage in Instagram video creation as an influencer in service of a brand or product and push too hard, your audience will ignore you. If you don’t distinguish yourself, you’ll be ignored.

Finding out what works for you and your subscribers and what content succeeds is easiest through testing. You can find the software tools for analysis at the end of my post.

4Endless loops as fishhooks for Instagram videos!

Instagram allows images to play as an endless loop. If you combine this in a smart way with the right content, looped videos perform better than average. Because good video loops are watched multiple times in a row according to statistics. My own empirical data confirms this.

The classic when it comes to perfection. However: The conversion of a Cinemagraph is not without when creating such a clip.

5It’s smartphone, stupid!

Instagram means mobile phone. Watch your videos on your smartphone! Do your pictures work at this size? This is especially true for texts. Your letter size may be perfectly readable on your desktop screen, but only there. The screen of an iPhone is not a movie screen.

If you’re a professional with Instagram, there’s another challenge waiting for you! Let’s assume you’ve perfectly matched the build of your video to the smartphone. Let’s just say, you can’t get any more clever and original than you do in the world of Instagram. Because you’re a professional, whether you’re a marketer or an influencer, Instagram video creation is always done with one goal in mind. Usually, the path to this goal leads to other platforms such as landing pages or web shops.

Studies show what happens when these worlds differ too much: You lose your users. Those who are attracted by a world of experience want to stay in that world. Videos that serve only as colorful decoys defeat their purpose.

What does this mean for continuing the experience to the next level (landing page, etc.?).

Quite simply, this needs to feel similar to Instagram. No text clutter, easily identifiable options (buttons like “Learn More” or “Buy Now”), and processes that take just a few clicks to master. An absolute no-go is redirecting to websites that are not optimized for mobile phone use. In this day and age, that in itself would be a given.

6Cause interactions!

As is always the case with social media, Instagram is no different: Your most important, noble goal is interaction. Although recent updates to the algorithms have not made this any easier, especially for businesses.

Sitting back and waiting is the wrong strategy. Questions have to be answered quickly and learnings from the behaviour of your users have to be taken into account for your next actions. As a rule of thumb you can remember: the more active the interaction, the more real and intense you (or your product) will be perceived as an experience.

7(K)One video for all channels!

One video for all channels? Produce once, use everywhere?

The odds of such a strategy working when creating a clip are about the same as the odds of you being given a million by a complete stranger.

Different platforms for social media don’t just exist because competitors are fighting for the same piece of the pie. But also because many of these platforms specialize in something they do particularly well. This makes many online services more different than you might think. Videos and their strategies must take into account the idiosyncrasies to be successful.

Bvideo content that works well for Instagram video creation

With creativity you can solve (almost) every task in a surprising way. That’s why I’m just giving you inputs and pointers here on what categories of content work better than average on Instagram. Even if the word “copy” shares the initial letter with creativity – this is not the idea.

Success with Instagram video: the look behind the scenes

Allow your target group together with the public an exclusive look behind the scenes. Imagine giving your fans a sort of virtual VIP badge that allows them to experience you or the brand you think is great as an influencer backstage.

The experience value and the uniqueness are what count. You offer something that is not commonplace and adds value. This added value also transfers to you as the brand and sender of the creator of the video. You don’t have to hang out with Ricky Rockstar to do that. Even an unusual meeting in the office or a face without make-up belongs to this category.

Beautifully executed and perfect for Instagram Stories: this is how simple creating a video for Insta can create impact through documentary means.

Successfully create Instagram video: How-To Videos

“How to” videos are the classic. You can find them uncreative or even terrible, but this genre works for creating Instagram videos too. When given the choice myself, I prefer videos from the “how to” category on Instagram over their competitors on YouTube. Because on Instagram, instead of half-hour boring monologues, I find real, short tutorials.

60 seconds is a challenge for most content when creating video. The good thing is that this limited running time forces the creator to think through his content.

How do I do? – solved convincingly. Perfect and to the point.

Even marketers with reservations about social media and social video can be easily won over to this type of content. Because this is where video marketing and content marketing meet. If it is shown how to use one’s own product, even the product promotion is added. All good things come in threes, can only conclude this case.

Instagram Video Success Factor: User-Generated Content (UCG)

It’s the dream par excellence: your channel goes off like a rocket, but without you having to laboriously contribute your own content. User-generated content (UCG) fulfills three goals when creating clips for Insta. Interaction, free content and strong engagement between user and channel.

Calls to post the best videos or photos with inclusion of a specific (brand) product often make big waves. There is usually a competition associated with it.

UCG campaigns are usually tied to a # (hashtag). In order for them to get flying, or even reach takeoff speed for the first time, agencies invest significant resources in advertising and ads when creating Insta-videos. UCG, which is not pushed, is the absolute exception. Everything else is fairy tales.

Recipe for success video for Instagram: Product promotions

Careful, like a surgeon performing lung surgery, is what you need to be when using video on Instagram to push a product without doing so in the form of a behind-the-scenes look or how-to video. After all, products and services are usually about branded products in front of the camera.

Influencer Video: These types of videos are conceptually challenging. The later creation of the film or video often resembles a commercial video shoot.

Internet users are smart people with a good sense of advertising messages. For Instagram video creating, this is especially true. Even if Instagram is becoming increasingly commercialized with advertising messages and business accounts (also launched in Germany since mid-March), the bombardments with dull product advertising are still rarer than elsewhere.

But where the product is subtly wrapped in a different message, product advertising on Instagram also has a good chance of success.

CTools for analyzing and measuring success when creating Instagram videos

Only those who know their audience can successfully serve them when creating Instagram videos. That is why it is essential to find out in analyses what your own posts do and how they are received by the user.

Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is free and available directly within the app. However, only for (paid) business accounts. So much for the word free.

For those lucky enough to have access, the analytics tool provides data on impressions, engagement, reach and top-performing posts within a user-selectable time period, among other things. The differentiation of users according to gender, demographic origin and age groups is also part of the portfolio.

Instagram Insights: all important information at a glance directly on your smartphone.

Create Instagram video: Instagram Insights
Instagram Insights | © Screenshot:

Facebook Ads Manager

Instagram is owned by Facebook. There are advantages to that, too. The free Facebook Ads Manager can be linked to Instagram, just like your own Facebook account. However, it can only be used to track paid ads on Instagram, but still.

When creating video for Instagram, Facebook Ads Manager can be used to monitor success (for free).

create and control perfect videos for Insta with the Facebook Ads Manager
Facebook Ad Manager | © Screenshot:

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is the Swiss army knife for Instagram analytics. Performance, audience, growth, interactions – for everything that comes after creating an Insta-video, here’s an easy-to-understand graphic. Also included is a competitor analysis tool. Sprout Social has a fee (approx. € 80/month) but offers free test accounts for a limited period of time.

Sprout Social is a tool you’ll have to pay to use if you want to use it to find out if you’ve created the perfect Instagram video

Instagram analysis made simple
Sprout Social | © Screenshot:

Keyhole: Real-time data for Instagram

The paid software Keyhole is an analytics tool that can even track data for Instagram in real time. Hashtags can also be tracked. Not just on your own channel, but across accounts.

After a test phase, the use of the software costs a proud € 166/month (target price). It clearly targets agencies and professional influencers for Instagram video creation.

Only Keyhole can do that: similar to a website in Google Analytics, it lets you see in real time if the clips you create are finding their audience.

Tool for agencies: Keyhole
Used by many agencies: the tool Keyhole | © Screenshot:

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