How to Win a New Customer Segment With an Advertising Video

Case study advertising video online Win customer segment
Case study: win new customer segment online with advertising video | © Graphic: Filmpulse

A company specialising in leasing services is planning to significantly increase its share of customers born between 1980 and 1999 with an online advertising video. A case study.

The company is to be sustainably positioned with the target group with the advertising video. In addition, prejudices and clichés about the industry as a whole should be actively and openly addressed. The client defined web videos and social media as ideal means of communication in advance.

Case study online advertising video

The following case study for an advertising video is based on a real order from the practice of a video production. In order to comply with the client’s corporate policy, business areas and products were modified to make them anonymous.


Up to now, the client has used a top-down approach to communication in advertising and sponsored videos. Now the end customer is to be addressed online and at eye level with answers. This novelty has not yet been implemented in the company at the time of awarding the contract.

Explainer videos based on the do it yourself principle are discarded as an option by the customer himself in advance for commissioning. Conversely, experience values already exist from the earlier planning of an image film.

Stumbling blocks

Four factors require increased attention in this assignment:

  1. The group of addressees notified by the client is known as Generation Y. It is the first of the digital natives, grown up mostly in the environment of the Internet and mobile communication, and thus fundamentally different in its character and behaviour from the previous Generation X (year of birth until 1980). Instead of status and prestige, the search for meaning and the possibility of self-realization are at the center. The design of the information, the content and the way of addressing the customer must take this into account.
  2. If there is a gap between the reality communicated on film and the real customer experience, a negative effect is threatening at the concrete brand touchpoint, especially for a generation that embodies the change in social values. The client is aware of these risks – and therefore wants to:
  3. The definition and release of the budgetary means necessary for an audiovisual communication package should only be communicated and released when concrete scripts and storyboards are available.
  4. Last but not least, the client is convinced that a “well-made” film in the sense of One-Fits-All is sufficient as a single point of contact and will trigger a viral effect, making further content produced especially for these channels unnecessary.

Implementation: Creation and production of the online advertising video

The implementation of the advertising video is carried out without a previous invitation to tender. This is done after a first contact and an evaluative preliminary talk with the preferred supplier.

First, the strategy and the creative process are decoupled from the actual media production in terms of budget. The goal of achieving maximum production values remains unaffected, of course. Strategy work and the effort for the creation are billed by the production company, as is usual for corporate videos, at pre-agreed rates according to time and effort.

Benchmarks are set to ensure that the results of the creation can later be converted into films at a reasonable cost. After the video company has explained the requirements for successful visual storytelling in social media, the company is prepared to examine a communication package consisting of more than just a single film.

Online videos for dialogue media

For an advertising video, social media make a number of special demands on a video production company. The following rules must be observed:

  • Communicate everything important right at the beginning. Not every user watches an advertising video until the end.
  • Brand / brand, depending on the channel also the sender and the call-to-action, belong at the beginning of the advertising video and at the end!
  • The advertising video must also be understandable without sound.
  • Create added value! Online it is especially important to fight for attention. Benefits and emotions are relevant for success! Without added value, the advertising video is lost in the data flow without a sound.

In the experience of video production, creating added value is best achieved when the user can claim one of the following statements after watching the video Depending on the format / segment, this statement differs:

  • News & Enabling: Thanks to the video I now know the latest news
  • Knowledge & Enabling: With the video I was able to learn something for myself
  • Entertainment & Fun: I enjoy the video!
  • Relationship & search for meaning: The video touches me emotionally

A note: For online advertising videos, special attention should be paid to the question of film format and video format. Both terms stand for different things and processes, both of which are relevant for quality.

Social Media & advertising videos

In order to anchor the viewpoint of the target group in the DNA of the concept, only Creative Directors from this age group are engaged for the creative work and the creation of content. Because the pool of available talent in the required time frame is small, an international creative pool is recruited. This allows the film production to present a total of eight concepts to the client within three weeks. From these, a favourite is selected for further refinement and elaboration.

The winning idea breaks with the briefing: it is based on the creation of a short film with strong storytelling and strong music, accompanied online by video clips and a modular, reportage-like making-of video, including testimonials with management representatives.


Three film measures are finally released for implementation:

  • a short film (3 min)
  • a package of five clips (3 x 15sec, 2 x 25sec) for selected channels
  • and additionally an information film (5min) for employees and stakeholders.

In the style of a TV reportage as a making-of, the information film is intended to shed light on the causes and background of the production of the films and also give representatives of top management a voice in interviews.

Supporting measures

Short film and making-of are flanked by a series of regular customer events for which end customers can register and which are free of charge for them. In these events, potential new customers are not only presented with the company in promotional videos in a fresh and surprising way, but the roadmap for the complete implementation of the new customer approach is also explained. This dual concept is also pursued in the dialogue media.

Learnings from the case study online advertising video

The evaluations show that the goals were achieved with the advertising video. Voices from the circle of employees point out that the internal image and reality in the company still differ greatly from the communicated external image. The resulting need for increased dynamics is described by the client as compelling in a competitive market and therefore as desirable and important.

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