Online Video Cost Calculator: Imagefilm, Web Video, Production Schedule and File Sizes

Online Video Cost Calculator v.4.4 (Status: November 2021)

Checking video offers and film offers for professionalism

Click here for the online test for clients. This test checks the professionalism of production companies in the phase of preparing an offer by means of 10 success-relevant questions. This is a simple way to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Notes on the online video cost calculator

All data in the online video cost calculator are only approximate values. Films and videos are projects and each project is different. It is therefore essential to obtain different quotes based on a concrete briefing!

The following points should be especially considered when working with the Online Film Cost Calculator:

  • The guide values in the online film cost calculator are based on a production in 2K and a final format of H.264 with stereo sound.
  • Film terms are often in need of explanation or misunderstandable. A web video can be a tourism video, an imagefilm, a management video or a testimonial, no matter how many cameras you are using. Before using the online film cost calculator: clarify terms!
  • In practice, imagefilms, product films, video testimonials, CEO statements, reports and explanatory videos are more and more often transferred at a flat rate with all rights required for use. This is different with the TV spot. Here the rights are usually acquired, as was previously the case with imagefilms, only for the specific purpose of use (usually TV and/or cinema) and Internet for a limited period of time (1 to 2 years) and for a defined territory (DACH area or only Germany).
  • Talent has its price. This applies to cooperation with professional actors as well as with established production companies. The market price is the premium that the client pays in addition to the real costs for the contractor’s experience and outstanding artistic skills.
  • Many commissioned productions work with pre-existing music from global archives such as Musicbed or Audionetwork. It is in the interest of all parties involved (producer and end customer) that all necessary rights are obtained. Depending on the relationship between client and contractor, it may also happen that the rights of third parties are obtained directly by the client instead of the contractor. Please note when using the online film cost calculator!

Further comments

  • Just like licensed music, film sequences from film databases such as Getty Images or Film Archive behave the same way. As with the licensing of sound clips, a video production can only transfer those rights that it has acquired itself (provided the transfer to third parties has been permitted by the licensor). If the video producer has not acquired the rights, the corporate client has no permission to use them and is liable to prosecution under copyright law. The fact that recourse can later be taken to the production company does not change this.
  • It must also be ensured that not only actors but also extras, in short, all persons appearing in front of the camera, have the necessary permissions.

Technical and legal aspects of implementation must never obscure where the true power of moving images lies: in the transport of information and emotions. An online film cost calculator can only depict this to a very limited extent.

This is why the content, the storytelling and the dramaturgy are often more decisive than the logistical aspects of execution. Production aspects must never be the only decisive factor in the phase of the first offers and in discussions about costs for an imagefilm or web video.

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As an online platform for filmmakers, Filmpulse not only deals with the topic of film calculation and film costs with the launch of the online film cost calculator, but also in regularly appearing articles. Under the keyword film costing you will find a comprehensive collection of contributions on costs and film budgets.

This includes among others:

Filmpulse firmly believes that there are only three ways to produce a video: filming, reporting or staging. Each step has an impact on the cost of a video or imagefilm. Other important aspects determining the costs are of course and always the content of a film. Milestones, change loops and interfaces are also cost-relevant.

Editor’s notes on the online film cost calculator

As an insider, are you allowed to publish an online calculator for film costs? Does this harm or help the industry? Because for clients the question of costs often takes precedence over quality and content, we have decided to go for yes.

This article, which for the first time presents an online film cost calculator to determine the target costs for film or video, has been discussed for longer than any other article at Filmpuls before. Why?

Every simplification is always a falsification to a certain degree. This is in the nature of things and happens in isolation from how cleverly the calculation of target costs is structured in the background. Our online calculator with guide values for film costs is no exception.

A film calculation consists of dozens of individual parts. Within the framework of budgeting, the experienced video production department does much more than just adding up figures. Already at the calculation stage, it sets the value, analyses the parameters of the project and takes risks into account.

All this requires knowledge and, especially with complex videos, many years of experience. Nevertheless, at the beginning of the project, both client and customer always ask the question: How much does a video of X or Y minutes cost?

The author is looking forward to feedback and inputs to the online film cost calculator. Because at the time the online calculator for corporate films goes online for the first time, work on version 2.1. of the Filmpulse online calculator has already started internally.

This article was automatically translated into English using AI. If you would like to help us improve the quality, we would be happy to hear from you.

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