How to Create Presentations With Canva and Zoom That Will Stay Top Of Mind

Presentations that will be remembered: Canvas and Zoom | © Photo: freepik

Who doesn’t know them, the presentations that are always similar in structure and bore us endlessly – no matter how much valuable information has been packed into them. But there is another way – especially if you work with videos and Canva or Zoom.

Presentations with Canva and Zoom that stay in your mind: How to do it? You only need two tools, some creativity and your demonstration will be remembered by all participants! It doesn’t always have to be a video. Especially since you need to know a few things to shoot a video.

1 Use Zoom to create not just team meetings, but entire presentations.

For that, you’ll need a free profile at With the free version you are able to hold a meeting (and therefore a presentation) with e.g. one person for an unlimited period of time. From the third person on, you can only do it for 40 minutes.

The paid version, which allows you to hold a meeting and/or presentation with up to 100 participants, costs only 139,90 € per year.

2 With Canva you can create very creative presentations.

For that, you’ll also need a profile ( On the start page you have the possibility to search for specific content. There are two types of presentations here: The traditional presentation and the format 16 : 9 (suitable for YouTube). With these templates, you have a large template of moving images.

  • Check out Canva’s templates to see if there’s anything you want to use already.
  • But you can also use a blank template and design it according to your ideas.
  • You can upload your own motifs or use the photos and videos from Canva (Attention: The motifs with a “crown” are subject to a charge. But you will notice that at the latest when you want to download your presentation and are asked to pay. Then you can always change the template. So, don’t worry that money will be taken from you without you noticing it).
  • You can use lines, shapes, frames, stickers, and more from Canva.
  • Text elements are also available as templates or you can create your own.
  • You will also find different backgrounds (e.g. if you only want to work with text elements).
  • You can set the whole thing to music. Attention: If you upload your own music here, please make sure that it is GEMA free, otherwise this can lead to
    Publication will be expensive for you!
  • You also have a separate selection of videos here (these are just short
  • You can add as many pages as you need.
  • My tip: If you create multiple pages, alternate between moving images and photos so that there is not too much movement in the presentation and
    to create unrest. A healthy mix is better.

You see, you have a lot of creative freedom here. Once you get to know each feature, you’ll love this tool!

But how do you turn it into a presentation?

If you have created a profile at Zoom, or even purchased a license, then you can start a Zoom meeting there. A separate window will open and there you will have the option to split your screen so that all meeting participants can see your screen (where you previously opened your presentation). You yourself will be displayed in a small box at the top right.

You can enlarge the presentation to fill the entire screen and scroll through it using the arrow keys or to easily scroll through your
Lead presentation.

Questions from your participants can be posted in the Zoom chat.

You can of course use text-only presentations. However, I personally recommend that you always include videos in your presentation. That loosens up any demonstration. Moving images grab the attention of the viewers. They entertain more and therefore stay longer in the memory.

You can also book the webinar function monthly with Zoom. Then your presentations will be even more professional, which you can give to up to 100 video participants and 10,000 viewers. With this function you have the advantage that you can start polls during your presentation, there can be requests to speak and you get statistics afterwards. So you know immediately if your presentation is well received or when, for example, your audience and participants have left the presentation (there you should optimize your presentation if there are several participants).

I recommend this additional function “Webinars” to all those who want to use their presentation to sell an offer at the end, for example.

So you’ve got two great tools here that you can use to create presentations that are out of the ordinary and therefore attract a lot more attention than any other 0815 presentation. It’s much easier to use than, say, trying to teach yourself how to create an animatic. Give it a try and feel free to post in the comments what your experience has been with it.

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