Video Editing With Smartphone: Adobe Premiere Rush CC Review and Tutorial

Video Editing Test Adobe Rush CC
Video editing test: Rush CC | © Photo: Adobe

Can you approach video editing professionally on smartphones? Here you will find the answer. For this purpose we put the professional software Adobe Premiere Rush CC through its paces during 2 weeks.

You know it as a video producer. You know it as a client: Videos today often have to be created quickly and easily.

In practice, this means for the maker or the in-house media team: higher quantities, but at lower production costs. At the same time, professional processes must of course continue to be guaranteed. This is only possible if the video editing is also done efficiently. Manufacturers such as Apple and Adobe have also noticed this in the meantime.

You need to know

  • Today, videos can also be edited effortlessly on the smartphone. Professional software is available for this purpose.
  • Adobe Premiere Rush CC offers video editing on mobile along with an interface to the desktop version. This simplifies the workflow.
  • You can use the program for free (with some limitations you can live with as a beginner) or as a paid full version,

Video editing with the smartphone

Thanks to increasingly better cameras, high-quality recordings are now possible when shooting iPhone videos. If you know how to handle lighting and sound and are familiar with shot sizes and camera movement, you can achieve amazing results with a smartphone camera.

For video editing of such recordings, there is a confusingly high number of apps for image editing on the software side. Often these can be had for little money or even for free.

In the past I have not stumbled over various peculiarities of these cutting programs. But regularly about missing interfaces. Editing Suite? Smartphone? Apple or PC? First of all, to me, a video is a video.

Many customers see it that way, too. The end justifies the means. Wherever I edit my footage, I want to store my work securely, use it for social media at different sizes, and potentially create versions. And this is where Adobe Rush CC as an editing program differs significantly from other video editing options.

Adobe Rush: Free or subscription

For video editing, you’re in a comfortable situation as far as your budget is concerned with Adobe ‘s Premiere Rush CC. Because either you can use the software highly officially free of charge with the entire scope of services also for professional videos. This with only one caveat. With the free version you can only export three projects (videos) at a time from the editing program. You can edit an unlimited number of videos.

If you are a professional video producer and already work with Adobe Premiere (which is the standard program for professional video producers), you may have already purchased Rush CC. Namely, whenever you’re already an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber and already have access to all the features and the 100 Giga CC storage.

However, you can also purchase Adobe Rush as a standalone video editing program. This as a single version for 9,99 Euro/month (without VAT), 19,99 Euro/month (without VAT) for teams and 29,99 Euro/month (without VAT) as a company. As always with Adobe, if you’re a student, you can apply for a special deal from Adobe by showing your ID.

Video editing on the smartphone with Adobe Premiere Rush CC

For the actual video editing, Adobe Premiere Rush CC offers you four image layers. You can view them in the same Adobe Premiere display format, or in a reduced format if you prefer. If you choose the classic form, you have the familiar symbols on the left side. A simple click with your finger and you block a track and hide the image layer or sound layer.

You can enlarge the image section in the timeline by simply pulling the touchscreen apart. This will zoom you in. After a short time it works intuitively.

The same applies to the image editing. You can import content directly from your smartphone’s media storage or directly into the video editing program. At the point where you want to cut, click on the scissors icon at the bottom of the image. This will separate the image plane.

Now all you have to do is click on the part you want to cut out when you edit the video and use the trash icon to delete it with a tap of your finger. The image segments before and after the deleted sequence close automatically.


The program “eats” almost everything. Whether existing video sequences, new ones created with the smartphone or photos and even animated GIFs. You’re spoilt for choice.

The program always offers you three different, predefined image formats. These correspond to the common formats for videos and social media. You can also change the aspect ratio at any time and play out the videos in different formats.

In concrete terms, this means for you: you cut your video and have a horizontal, vertical (video in portrait format) and square version without much effort. You can use it for websites as well as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like. If you are working with titles, be sure to reposition them if necessary.

2Tips and tricks for video editing with the smartphone

Note that the crop bar only appears in video editing when you hold the smartphone vertically. If you rotate it horizontally, you will only see the image content. If you are editing the video and are on one of the tabs in a submenu, the software automatically jumps to the top level with the overall view when you scroll to the beginning of the video in the timeline on the far left. In this case, the program assumes you want to view the entire video edit. To do this, simply press the play button.

You can activate and deactivate the functions (sound editing, titles, colors, etc.) by clicking on the corresponding icon.

The video editing function is solid. But up to here, even Apple or other vendors can still keep up. The killer features from a professional user’s perspective are yet to come.

3Sound editing on the smartphone

Adobe Premiere Rush CC is designed for easy, fast video creation. That’s why, even in the free version, the manufacturer has thought far beyond video editing.

Even though there are good mics for shooting with smartphones. It can always happen that you get someone in front of your smartphone lens for a statement at an event who you can’t or shouldn’t put a microphone on in a hurry. As a result, you usually get a lot of noise in the picture. With Adobe Premiere Rush CC, that worry is no more. The program offers an absolutely convincing filter as the most important feature for mobile sound editing.

Rush CC analyzes the sound recording – this is where AI, artificial intelligence comes in – and suppresses the background noise on the recording. The result inspires.

4Voiceover Guide

Likewise, a custom voiceover can be spoken or placed over the image. This is just as exciting for influencers and social videos as it is for reportage and video documentaries.

5Color corrections during video editing

The colour corrections are also convincing. You have presets as well as the possibility to edit saturation, color values and contrasts according to your preferences. This is a great way to spice up shots taken in difficult lighting conditions.

6Title / Subtitle Guide

As with Adobe, you can access both static and animated titles from a library. Colors, shadows, backgrounds and so on can be freely determined. At the same time, of course, you have access to all of Adobe’s fonts.

In practice, you may have the problem of choosing a font because of the large selection.

Only the typing of the titles can be a bit tedious on the smartphone. If you’re a bear-pawed man going through life, you’re going to need some time to get used to the titillation. However, in my opinion, this is true for any application and all apps.

7Editing videos in the cloud

If you’re shooting on behalf of clients, you’ll want to use the cloud. So your projects are always and immediately available. In addition, there is of course a desk version of Adobe Premiere Rush CC. Most professional users, however, will probably edit the recordings, if already on the desktop computer, directly in the big brother, the editing program Adobe Premiere. Accessing your recordings costs you no more than a mouse click.

Connecting to the cloud also makes sense because you may want to post-process the video with effects (After Effects). But there is another reason: namely the workflow. There is also a team function.

8Instructions for team function in video editing

With CC Cloud and the team function, you can further professionalize the workflow. You shoot with your smartphone or cut a first cut version with it. In your office, your team then finishes editing the video without interruption. Or you can get the video as a decision maker on your mobile device and make final corrections.

In this way, you can also use the software for scene culling and visioning, and even for rough assembly on fictional or documentary projects.

9Export videos from smartphone

Exporting a finished video is almost boring with Premiere Rush CC.

You choose the quality settings (resolution, frame rate, audio channels, etc.) and start the rendering. Then decide if you want to publish your work to selected social media channels right away with another tap of your finger.

Conclusion about video editing on the smartphone with Adobe Premiere Rush CC

With the multitude of professional possibilities that this free or subscription video editing program offers you, one thing becomes clear very quickly: If you have created a video concept in advance for editing and you know what you want, you can shine.

If you work without a plan, knowledge and experience, it shows painfully, and not just in off-commentary. After all, high technical quality signals equally high content quality to the viewer.

As a video producer, you should neither fear nor condemn this software. First, the days are long gone when you can still make a lot of money selling video technology. The equipment is now a means to an end. Second, you’re selling brain matter.

Rush CC lets you and your team show off what you’ve got. I see this as a great privilege and opportunity.

Overview of the test results: Cutting with smartphone

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