What Does Video Marketing Mean and What Goals Can You Achieve With It?

what does videomarketing mean
what does videomarketing mean

The only thing we’re being asked to do is video marketing. Every video producer knows 100 reasons why you can’t live without one! It is remarkable that hardly ever people ask what is and means digital marketing with video? Here you will find the answer!

Right, there is often no way around video marketing. Many video productions are naturally extremely impressed by this fact. They also do this diligently. At the top of their voices, they list all the arguments with the greatest enthusiasm why video works.

But where there is loud screaming, experience teaches us that the quiet but important nuances are quickly lost. This also applies to video marketing. Often what really makes the difference is forgotten: differentiation.

If you lump it all together, you shouldn’t be surprised that your soup, cooked in this way, tastes like any other. For this reason alone, you want to know what video marketing is, what forms it takes and how it differs from other disciplines of moving image communication. This article explains it to you.

In a nutshell

  • Video marketing is not a secret weapon that simply and automatically “works”. To be successful, you need to know a few things about it and think about even more points carefully before you start.
  • Behind every successful measure is a successful strategy. Random success and lucky punches are not a sustainable business model.
  • This article will give you the knowledge how to identify video marketing and suitable goals.

What is video marketing?

As the name says, we move with video marketing in the field of marketing measures. More precisely, in the online marketing segment.

Keep your spirit of discovery and experiment with video marketing. The more you follow the curiosity approach here, the easier and less stressful the topic will present itself.
Jörg Pattiss

Also known as internet marketing or web marketing, this discipline includes all measures with which a marketing goal is to be achieved digitally (online). The goal can be awareness (knowledge) or an action (for example, an online purchase). Or all steps in between. You can find more information here.

5 Video Marketing Trends You NEED to Know in 2020 | © YouTube / Think Marketing

5 Video Marketing Trends You NEED to Know in 2020

The instrument of online marketing is no longer new. Not even with social videos. Firstly, because for professionals it has long been considered a “mandatory” measure for solving problems and achieving goals in many tasks. Secondly, because the advantages and mechanisms of moving image communication have been known for thirty years, long before YouTube was invented.

So don’t tell your potential customers what video can do. Unless, of course, you want eternal clients who, until yesterday, produced a sales prospectus every five years.

Learn: Video marketing as part of online marketing includes both content and the way it is distributed. Content is king. Distribution is Queen. Both dimensions must follow a strategy.

Every minute you invest more in strategy and planning, you save twice and three times in the video production phase.
Jörg Pattiss

In the everyday life of a marketing expert, online marketing is just a single (!) instrument in the whole orchestra of communication, contributing to the melody in its very specific way.

Differentiation from online marketing

The classic forms of Internet marketing are usually differentiated into: website, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing and social media marketing.

Video marketing belongs to the group of content marketing. The focus is on the production and distribution of media.

In the majority of cases, a marketing strategy requires a medium that transports the messages integrated into a campaign. If this is done by means of videos, we are dealing with video marketing.

At the same time, this classification also makes it clear that video marketing is not just about making a video. Nor is it about uploading a film or a video to the Internet or social media for a short time. It is about genuine campaigns.

So if you are a video production company and only talk to your customers about moving images, or – even worse! – promises without hesitation that the success will come through the release alone, has not done his homework.

Difference between video marketing and online advertising

Like online advertising with video, video marketing uses the Internet. And thus the channels and platforms represented on the web. Both online advertising and marketing with video use moving images. They benefit from the combination of information and emotions.

Advertising with video is nothing more than an advertising clip that has been specially designed and created for use on the web. Adapted TV spots also belong to this category.

In contrast, video marketing is only advertising in its core. Its external appearance is less aggressive in terms of content. Nor does it have to have an immediate effect. Marketing with video often aims to create additional incentives to do something. Here, too, what has already been said applies: Video marketing is usually an integral part of a campaign, not an individual measure.

Typical use cases for video marketing

The conceivable field of application of video marketing is as broad as the goals that can be achieved with it.

Classical areas of application are:

  • the promotion of companies, products or brands.
  • sales promotion by showing the advantages of a service or a product
  • the establishment or maintenance of customer relationships.

Video marketing is also one of the few measures that can be used to place videos on websites or Internet platforms that do not belong to the sender.

Likewise, such videos can also be used specifically to optimize the ranking in search engines.

Advantages of marketing with video

The reasons that speak for video marketing go far beyond the power of the moving image and storytelling. They can be divided into general and specific advantages:

General advantages:

  1. The use of video increases the time spent on a website or social media channel. The algorithms of search engines reward this with better findability. From their point of view, the length of time a user spends on a channel or a social media channel is a direct criterion for attractiveness and quality.
  2. Many people prefer not to have to read information, but to have it presented with moving images. Infotainment makes videos attractive and thus fundamentally increases the number of visitors compared to text messages.

Specific advantages:

  1. In comparison to classical measures, video marketing is convincing due to its usually very high reach and lower wastage. In contrast to TV spots or advertisements, for example, the target group can be addressed much more precisely.
  2. When marketing with video, success can be followed and monitored from the 1st second onwards (monitoring). Here, too, the data plays a decisive role. With them it is also possible to optimize (” readjust / optimize”) current measures.

Monitoring user behavior helps the sender to get to know his customers and their interests better.

Authenticity is the new perfect.
Jörg Pattiss

Professional video marketing is therefore always a feedback system to be taken seriously.

Soziale Medien und Videomarketing

Video marketing in the social media sector is in the area of conflict between credibility and sender identification.

While a video clip on a company’s website immediately reveals its intentions and sender, this is not always the case with social media.

Companies and video production must be aware that there are both legal requirements (keyword: unfair advertising) and user conditions on the part of the respective platforms. Whether a video has to be marked as “advertising” is therefore much less up to the sender than one might think.

Common measured variables and characteristics

Note that values to be measured depend on the objective of a measure. They must therefore always be defined individually and for each individual case. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for digital marketing with moving images are usually

  • Number of visitors
  • Retention time
  • interactions, provided the video is made and invites
  • Conversion, assuming the video is to cause an action

Also meaningful are access points, web links referring to the video or the placement in search engines.

Common Video Formats

Moving image content for marketing with video is usually stored in MP4 video format (encoded as H.264) or as QuickTime movies. Google’s alternative to the H.264 codec, WebM, is also becoming increasingly common. Since it is not supported by Instagram and Facebook, it must be converted to MP4 or MOV for these platforms.

Video platforms and accepted formats:

Symbol-www-Internet VideomarketingSoMe-InstagramLogo Facebook: Videoformate von A-Z: Alles was Sie darüber wissen müssenSoMe-YouTube Videomarketing
Die ultimative Einführung (Teil 2), Marketing mit Video
Logo MP4 - Die ultimative Einführung (Teil 2), Marketing mit Video
Videoformate von A-Z: Alles was Sie darüber wissen müssenNoNo

Source: Filmpulse Magazine

There are no specifications as to which format the video should ideally have. Only the specifications of the respective channel and / or the video player have to be considered.

Exkurs: Benutzergenerierter Inhalt (UCG)

Video marketing can also be done in reverse. The user becomes the film producer. He or she produces the videos themselves and uploads them to a predetermined website or social media. In this case, the marketing message transports the target group itself. In this way, the message is more credible and most likely has a maximum congruence with the group of people to be reached.

To ensure that the message remains controllable, it is either specified in this game (for example, in the form of a competition, for which certain points must be observed in order to participate). Or, in addition, limited to a product or its use (“Show us what great photos you’re taking with our new smartphone!”). This is intended to authentically communicate the product’s advantages.

As usual with social media, in addition to the positive basic attitude of the contributions, networking and the ability to build up a viral effect or at least a well-known group of fans also plays a decisive role in the success of video marketing with UCG.

Literature on video marketing

Many thanks to Jörg Pattiss, video coach and expert in video marketing, for contributing the quotes to this article.

  • Randy Berry: 50 Interviews: Video Marketing Pioneers: How America’s Most Skilled, Most Inspired, Online Video Advertising Creators Are Transformin, 2019
  • Jon Mowat: Video Marketing Strategy – Harness the Power of Online Video to Drive Brand Growth, 2018
  • Hal Landen: Marketing with Digital Video: How to Create a Winning Video for Your Small Business or Non-Profit.

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