Ideation or the Rebirth of the Crooked Banana

Ideation Creation
The creation is dead - long live the ideation! | © Pixabay

Without ideation no film and no video! Excuse me? You have no idea what this term stands for? You’re wrong: Of course you know what this word means! You just know it under a different name.

Video and film are not only subject to technical innovations. The development of ideas for moving images and their production also follows fashion trends, as does the entire creative industry.

As so often, our friends from overseas played a major role in this. They truly have mastered the trend of selling old wine in new skins. This also applies to the process that increasingly sails under the Ideation flag at customer meetings and in agencies.

Fearless through the straight curve!

Ideation is no more and no less than what was previously called creativity or, more precisely, the creative process. It is therefore a matter of having an idea and turning it into a workable, logical concept. Of course, this concept should be original, distinctive, surprising and immediately understandable for as many target groups as possible. And even more important for the customer: the implementation of the idea must contribute 120% to the goals that are to be achieved with the communication measure.

In short: it is about maximum demands and minimum tolerance for every risk.

Creative work, i.e. storytelling, is pretty much the opposite. Ingenious ideas that are more than just a warm fart cannot be found on the Internet at the touch of a button, nor can they be duplicated in photocopiers. Even the hype of design thinking doesn’t change that.

Creativity is scary. Ideation to the rescue.

In addition, in the eyes of many customers it is also indecently expensive. Because the development of ingenious derivations and their translation into key images and key stimuli also has to do with talent. Those who are capable of this kind of condensation and creative translation have a unique selling point. This has its price. And because even with the greatest talent, the first idea is not the best, the development and writing of creative ideas also takes time. Time, not surprisingly, costs money. That is why everything that has to do with creative work frightens many people.

As the owner of a security company, you can do good business with fear. The situation is different with creative tasks.

Ideation, what else?

The solution is quite simple. Give the child a new name. Explain to your customers why Ideation is the new, universal secret weapon for all problems in PR, marketing and communication. Add a few select extras and special features that have always been there. This way your customer can hold on to something. As is well known, trust is half the battle.

And already the world looks different, thanks to ideation:

Your clients are happy to have a proven expert at their side, who will take them by the sweaty palm of his hand.

For yourself, the calculation is right, because many of the fears associated with creative processes no longer automatically pop up with the customer. Admittedly, the banana was already yellow and crooked before. But why not look at these two factors from a new perspective and experience them anew unencumbered?

Ideation! Hach! how sexy and highly professional this verbal promise sounds! Only screenwriters and films or videos are sexier … or just not.

Ideation and the round corners

Regardless of creative work or ideation, in the end it is decisive whether there is a clever mind behind it. In any case, the emperor’s new clothes can’t be made from it. See-through, see-through and a naked regent differ in essential points.

What is decisive, and this is a good thing, is the excellently implemented, very real idea. No matter what you call origin and the way to it.

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