YouTube Tricks You Absolutely Have to Know and Be Able to Use as a Pro

10 YouTube Tricks for Professionals
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Sooner or later, the world’s largest distribution platform for videos will always be an issue. FILMPULS presents you the most important YouTube tricks.

Currently, no one can get around the video platform YouTube. This is true for the professional producer of movies as well as for the customer who is looking for a universal video player for embedding his movies or for the user who wants to share his leisure films with the world in a simple way.

You need to know

  • The video platform YouTube offers many tools of its own, which the normal user either overlooks or does not know how to use.
  • Creating a manuscript helps significantly to improve the findability of your videos on the internet.
  • Likewise, you can trick links into starting any film on YouTube in the location of your choice.
  • There are also functions that allow you to bookmark or recommend something.

YouTube Tricks: YouTube offers a variety of on-board tools

YouTube offers a large number of tools to the marketer of social video. The better you know these tools and how to use them, the more successful and easier it is to use the world’s largest video platform and the higher the traffic on YouTube. (Note: To get more traffic, these 7 tips for YouTube will also help you).

Using the efficiency gains from our YouTube tricks to improve your marketing strategies and content can quickly make the difference between success and failure.

The best 6 YouTube tricks for professionals

In this article, FILMPULS presents a selection of functions and YouTube tricks that are easily overlooked in the heat of the moment, but which can make your work with social video on YouTube significantly easier, faster and better and thus bring your video production to the top.

1SEO: Improve the findability of a video for search engines with a transcript

With over 1 billion videos uploaded, search engine optimization, known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is becoming more important every day. With each successive video uploaded to YouTube channels, it becomes more difficult for one’s video to appear under the desired search term.

Determining the title, description and tag of a video wisely and recording them correctly is half the battle, but not more. You can further improve and significantly increase the findability for video films with our first YouTube trick: uploading a transcript of the film. This is also crawled and recorded by the search engines. A transcript is nothing more than a transcription of the video.

YouTube currently automatically creates a transcript of every film and video uploaded to the platform. Currently, this applies to videos in the following languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. It is to be assumed that further languages will be activated and follow bit by bit.

The quality of the automatic translation varies and is sometimes still poor when the soundtrack is difficult to understand. So until artificial intelligence and machine learning really get going, it’s still worth investing time in a transcript yourself and knowing the YouTube tricks necessary to do so.

YouTube Tips for Pros: Create Transcript
YouTube Tricks: Create Transcript

There are two YouTube tricks for the transcripts

A transcript can either be entered directly into the video file. Alternatively, a transcript can also be uploaded to the video as a text file in *.txt format. The function is offered under the designation CC subtitles directly above the video on the right edge of the screen. CC stands for Closed Captioning and means that this text information is usually (exception: individual smartphones) only offered to the viewer if he consciously activates it in the menu.

If the transcript is not created directly in the video, but as a *.txt file that is added later as an upload, it is advisable to distinguish between sounds and speakers (voice-over) and original sound. In this regard, it is important to note

  • the original sound should bedescribed as concisely and clearly as possible. With an empty line YouTube recognizes a new subtitle
  • the sounds are marked with [ ] and framed with the square bracket. For example, [Musik] or [Vogelgezwitscher]
  • the speaker’s voice (off-commentary) is only identified at the beginning of the word with the symbol >>

The upload of a pre-created transcript file takes place directly in the video.

A pre-created uploaded file can be further edited and optimized in terms of timing and placement at any time using this YouTube trick (as with the creation directly in the video) with YouTube’s editor. If the result is satisfactory, the subtitles are published with “Publish”. It usually takes a few days to weeks before Google collects the additional data and includes it in the weighting of the search results.

Under the function selection “Creator Studio” (left edge of the screen) you will also find the option TRANSLATIONS & SUBTITLES. There you will find the function “Community contributions”, under which after activation a link of all own videos can be downloaded, which do not have a transcript yet. This link, Google suggests, can be emailed on to fans with a request to help transcribe.

2YouTube Tricks: View Transcripts

Transcripts can be viewed under the “more” function. Once clicked, the entire transcript appears here not as subtitles, but from A to Z below the video.

If you’re looking for quotes in video interviews or want to quickly recopy the content of a film as text into a Word document, you’ll find what you’re looking for faster with this YouTube trick than with a linear review of the video.

YouTube: Watch Transcript
YouTube Tricks: Watch Transcript

However, you should be aware that many German translations are still very rudimentary or were created by the creator of the video somewhat sloppy – as already explained a mistake that is also for the visibility by SEO quickly once bitter revenge.

YouTube Transcript
YouTube tricks: check the quality and timing of the transcript

If community translation is enabled in the Creator Studio, this is also where you’ll see a request for fans to contribute to the transcript.

3Youtube tricks: start or share video at a predefined point (instead of at the beginning) via link

Research with video is becoming more and more important. It’s not just briefings for new videos that link to YouTube, now the world’s second largest search platform (the largest being Google, which acquired the video portal in 2006). Often the link of the entire video (under “Share”) is simply copied over, sometimes supplemented with the note that the relevant part of the video takes place at minute 01:34.

There is another way. For this purpose, a link can be sent, which already goes to exactly the desired moment in a video. This is made possible with three types of YouTube tricks:

  1. Either the start time is entered directly below the link after clicking on “Share” and the box directly to the left of the start time is activated. The link will then be adjusted automatically.
  2. If the video was stopped at the desired position during playback, the start time is already entered automatically and only the box to the left of it needs to be clicked before the link configured to a start time can be sent.
  3. Alternatively, you can manually add the suffix t=1min34s to the normal link after the last question mark (?) in the address. t stands for time, the first number for the minute (min), the second for the second (s) at which the link should start the video.
tricks youtube: Start video at a specific time via link
YouTube tricks: Start video at a specific time via link

4YouTube tricks: bookmark movies for later

Sometimes there is not enough time to analyze and select all the researched videos one after the other. Instead of laboriously copying the links of these videos into a separate document, YouTube offers the “watch later” function for exactly this purpose.

This is, typical of YouTube tricks, hidden under the + at the bottom left of the video and the term “Add”. Once clicked, a small white box appears where you can bookmark the video for later viewing in a playlist with a click of the mouse.

In the selection menu of your own YouTube page (on the very left of the page) you will find a list, where under the item LIBRARY the grey symbol of a clock and the label “watch later” reappears.

YouTube Tips: Mark video to watch later
YouTube Tricks: Mark video to watch later

After the vision, the video can be deactivated in the same way and in the same place (+ Add) directly below the video under YouTube.

5YouTube Tricks: Recommend additional videos

Wouldn’t it be nice if the viewer was given a recommendation for the next video at the end of the video? There are YouTube tricks for that, too:

This is possible with the “Creator Studio” function, which can be called up on your own video channel. The KANAL command is currently in fifth place in the Creator Studio list.

In it there is the menu item “Highlight content”. In this little gem of a menu lies the program item “Hottest Video”. In this you can determine whether a recommendation for a follow-up video is displayed at the beginning, end or during playback in each of your own videos.

Pro Tips for YouTube: program video channel with follow video
YouTube tricks: program video channel with follow video

In the same category, just one point below highlighting content, you will also find “Branding”. At this place another YouTube trick is waiting: here you can additionally upload your own logo, which will be placed over each video according to the channel owner’s specifications. This means that videos appear in the player in a similar way to the content of a TV station, which usually displays its own logo in the top right or left-hand corner to clearly identify the sender.

6YouTube tricks: insert additional information with info cards

One of the least known functions are the so-called info cards. These are nothing more than text fields and word information that are inserted into the video at a specific, freely selectable point.

With text cards, for example, a video can also be provided with a link directly to your own web page. Info cards are effective YouTube tricks in the battle for attention.

YouTube Tricks: Insert info card into video
YouTube Tricks: Insert info card into video

Info cards are inserted into the video after the upload or at a later, freely selectable time, using the “Info cards” command. This can be found above the uploaded video in the same bar, which also includes the following YouTube tricks: “Enhance Video”, “Audio” (adding rights-free music!) and adding credits created on YouTube (as long as the video has a minimum length of 25 seconds).

This article was automatically translated into English using AI. If you would like to help us improve the quality, we would be happy to hear from you.

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